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Why Does Your Business Need NCJ Website Design as Lockdown Ends?

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If you’ve started your own business during lockdown you may be thinking about increasing your client base as we begin to look ahead to a more normal life once again. Equally, for already established businesses, lockdown may have given you more time to think about what strategies could help you move your business to the next level.

There has never been a more important or better time to build your website. For small businesses, a website is a vital tool to engage a wider, global audience as well as to show off what you do and what you offer. A website is one of the best investments you can make for your business.

Why Does Your Business Need a Website as Lockdown Ends?

  1. Your website establishes you as a professional in your field – businesses with a website are often viewed as more professional than those that operate solely on social media. You can also publicise any professional certification you hold as well as conduct your business using a dedicated email address helping to build your brand awareness.
  2. Attract new customers using Google – an attractive and well-maintained website can capture new customers and, by using SEO optimisation tools, can perform robustly within search engines.
  3. Clearly showcase your goods and services – your website is a perfect way for you to show the world exactly what it is you do.
  4. Display your best reviews prominently – this is a great way of establishing social proof, boosting your credibility and encouraging new customers to look at your business further.
  5. Encourage potential customers to contact you – your website is a great place to display your contact details and creating a page through which potential customers can directly contact you makes it that little bit easier for them to approach you.
  6. Integrate your website with Google Maps – make it easy for new customers to find your physical premises.
  7. Ensure your success over the long term – the majority of the global population access the internet with use increasing every day. Without a website you are invisible to these people. To stay competitive in today’s market your business needs to get online.

Teaming up with NCJ Website Design to create your website using WordPress is a great way to achieve all this. The powerful and effective WordPress platform can be used to produce both creative and efficient websites that search engine algorithms like. Time and effort are required to ensure everything remains current as your business and the WordPress platform changes so retaining these services once your website is live is also important. Google, for example, does not like an out-of-date website.

Why Work with NCJ Website Design?

  1. Cost effectiveness – websites don’t necessarily have to be expensive to build and maintain. As a freelance web design company with few overheads NCJ Website Design can offer a more competitive service to design agencies. You can have a professional website for your business without huge bills.
  2. Time saving – whilst you are passionate about your business, you may not be so excited about finding the time to create your website to showcase your work. Letting NCJ Website Design concentrate on this for you will not only ensure you have an attractive and fully functioning website for your business, it will also leave you free to concentrate on driving your business forwards.
  3. Flexibility – as a freelancer, flexible working is key. You want your website to be online as quickly as possible and not to sit in a queue at a design agency. Questions need answering promptly and support, when required, should be accessible quickly. NCJ Website Design will provide this flexibility.
  4. High quality work – the only way for NCJ Website Design to attract new customers is by ensuring that all work is completed to as high a standard as possible. This means that you can be assured of a professional and high-quality service at all times and that your website is of the highest quality too.

As lockdown eases and to maximise your customer base, you should plan for a website as part of your strategy. NCJ Website Design is here to help with that.

For further information and to discuss your website requirements further please contact me.