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Careful consideration and planning of these 7 important website features can make a big difference to the impact your website has on potential customers.

One thing’s for sure, it takes time and commitment when you are designing and creating a website for your business because there are so many different factors to consider. The process of developing a website is detailed and extensive, you have to constantly fine-tune the details to ensure that it correctly and attractively represents your business. Ensuring that these important website features are as good as they can be is vital.

1. Your Content Must Be Relevant

You need to ensure that visitors stay on your website and don’t disappear immediately towards your competitor’s website! One of the ways to ensure this is to create content that is attractive, grabs your visitors attention and makes it very clear what you do and how you fulfil this. Including high quality images that are relevant for your business is also an important part of your content.

2. Keep Your Navigation Simple

Getting around your website should be easy and should never confuse or frustrate visitors. Make sure it’s clear how your visitor can get from your home page into the other areas of your website. Keeping people engaged whilst they are visiting your website is vital, so a clunky website is really unappealing and could push them away and towards your competitors.

Person looking at images on a laptop to demonstrate the 7 important website features.

3. Contemporary Layout

Having an attractive and modern design is vital. You need to impress visitors to your website immediately with relevant and well-designed content so that they stay on your page. Therefore, getting the tone and layout right is a crucial part to the process.

As well as having a great colour scheme and font choice your website needs to present as being modern and up to date.

4. Contact Details

Again, how your visitors can get in touch with you needs to be simple, clear and consistent across your website. It’s also important that these details resolve, when clicked, to either telephone or email you straightaway depending on the device being used.

If your company has a lot of staff, it’s good to include pictures of them which will also help create a sense of legitimacy for your business. I also think it’s always a good idea to have a picture of you on your website. Basically, people like knowing what a person looks like and it can brings a sense personality to your business website.

5. Customer Reviews

The more detail you can show about your business to visitors to your website, the more likely they are to request more information or start buying your products. Requesting testimonials from your previous customers and creating an interesting an well-designed page to showcase them on your website provides potential customers with evidence that you will do what you say you will, once again creating legitimacy for your business.

6. Mobile Friendly

As most people access the internet on their phones these days it’s all the more important that your website looks good across mobile, tablet and PC.

Every area of your website needs to be optimised for desktops and mobile phones. Key areas for this are image sizes, content alignment and menus which need to adjust as required.

7. Call To Action

What do you want visitors to your website to do before they leave? It may be that you want them to buy your products, sign up for an email subscription or simply to contact you. You need to make this very clear to them and make this part of your layout and navigation.

Clear and simple messaging is often the most successful way to do this. Choose words that have impact and suggest that immediate action is needed.

So that’s it, my 7 important website features that you should spend time thinking about to help drive more business through your website .

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